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20 proven benefits of exercise

Every day, 30 minutes walk more than a dozen doctors and medics. It not only helps in healing, but it can also prevent many life-threatening conditions such as cure. heart disease, diabetes or cancer.The research has shown that we need strong exercise for at least 30 minutes a day to maintain our weight. Persistence and regularity are important, says Dr. Ingrid van Heerden dietician.20 proven benefits of exercise

1. Good for the heart
“There is already some exercise to improve the heart,” says Dr. William Kraus, a member of the Medical Center at Duke University, in an article published in the New England Medical Journal. Exercise reduces the level of LDL cholesterol, which blocks the arteries. Reduces blood pressure, improves insulin sensitivity, improves myocardial function and circulation.20 proven benefits of exercise

3. Prevents osteoporosis
Together with a healthy amount of calcium, it builds strong bones. Exercises such as running, walking or weight lifting reduce the risk of osteoporosis. To start at a young age, but it’s never too late. A faster walk can be helpful.20 proven benefits of exercise

4. Reduces high blood pressure
It is good for blood pressure, time, weight, origin and gender. All forms of movement help to the same extent. However, professionals also draw attention to the fact that those suffering from extreme hypertension should exercise only under supervision.20 proven benefits of exercise

5. Excellent stress relieving
It is a well-known fact: exercise can control stress and depression. But why? It means temporary refreshment and enhances self-esteem. Increased body temperature reduces muscle tension. Cheerfulness is also increasing, for example. due to an increase in endorphin secretion and changes in levels of other hormones.20 proven benefits of exercise

6. Prevents colds
Usually we do not automatically associate physical exercise with the decrease in the number of colds. Researchers at the University of California, however, have discovered that those who move on a regular basis are 23% less likely to get sick, and if they are still cold, they recover more easily.

7. Reduces asthma severity
Many of those who suffer from stressed asthma are clearly avoiding exercise. However, sports doctors claim that asthmatics can do sports if they use their preventive medicines properly. They mostly recommend swimming for them.

8. Reduces the complications of diabetes
Lifestyle has a big impact on certain conditions, eg. for diabetes. Exercise can reduce insulin requirements, cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, which is important because the development of circulatory diseases is more common in diabetics.

9. Contributes to healthy pregnancy
Although in some cases the movement may be risky, but the positive effect of exercise on pregnancy goes beyond this, and many women can continue training until the third trimester. It is important for pregnant women to relax, strengthen the Kegel exercise and strengthen the back muscles.

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10. Role in cancer prevention
At least 35% of cancer deaths are associated with overweight and lack of exercise, according to the findings of the Seattle Cancer Research Center. Exercise accelerates the passage of food through the intestine, reducing the amount of toxins in your body. Overweight people produce more insulin, which promotes tumor growth.

11. Delays aging
The movement stimulates the flow of blood to the brain, so it is likely to reduce the chance of developing a stroke. It also improves logic and memory. Slows down the central nervous system degeneration, which can lead to slower reflexes and weakening motion coordination. Increases muscle size and strength, improves lungs.20 proven benefits of exercise

12. Improves mental health
They are mistaken if they think it is enough to solve some crosswords or learn languages ​​to keep the brain fresh. According to researchers at the University of Illinois, movement is also important. The brain activity of the elderly, who move regularly, reached the performance of young adults.20 proven benefits of exercise

13. Has a good effect on sexual life
The worse we are, the better our sexual life is due to two reasons. On the one hand, psychologically: we feel better in our skin, on the other hand, physically: the libido increases, the circulation improves and the sexual function increases.

14. Helps to solve sleep problems
Relaxation exercises help relieve tension, relieve head and back pain, and improve insomnia. Exercise relieves endorphin, the self-produced pain killer of the body. However, it is important to choose a time for exercise. If we see it too late, we may not be able to fall asleep because the body’s energy level increases.20 proven benefits of exercise

15. Helps to overcome impotence
If we think about it, it’s not stupid. Increased circulation during exercise should lead to a decrease in impotence, as the erection in the penis
16. Helps prevent cerebral artery disease
People who move around a lot are 27% less likely to get a stroke or not. their chances of survival are better if they catch up with the trouble. Moderately active people reduce their chances of developing disease by 20%.20 proven benefits of exercise

(The results were published in an article summarizing 23 international studies in the October issue of Stroke.)

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17. Good for both body and soul
D.R. Brown’s Psychologist in Exercise, Fitness, and Spiritual Health summarizes the effects of physical exercise on mental health, such as: stress relief, opportunity for social life, self-discipline, endorphin selection, improved well-being, and so on.20 proven benefits of exercise

18. Improves the oxygen and nutrient supply of the whole body
An American study showed that people over 80 could dramatically improve their health if they move a few times a week. At this point, the body’s oxygen consumption and systolic blood pressure are improved.

19. Strengthens muscles and joints
Strengthening exercises in addition to the muscles also strengthen the bones and increase metabolism. It improves the condition of the joints, especially those who suffer from arthritis. This is a multi-syndrome syndrome that involves pain, inflammation, stiffness in one or more joints. Exercise can reduce some of the symptoms.20 proven benefits of exercise

20. Helps with arthritis
Regular, intense movement increases muscle strength and oxygen uptake in rheumatoid arthritis patients. They will be much more capable of doing their daily tasks and improving their well-being.

(The results of this research have been published in the Arthritis and Rheumatism Journal, researched by Dr. Thea Vlieland, Leiden University Hospital.)20 proven benefits of exercise

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