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Human health and exercise Sports

The most precious of every human being is health and wisdom. Having good health facilitates better intellectual development and vice versa. Exercise and sports (sports) help us get good health, from there, can study well and participate in social activities with higher efficiency.Human health and exercise Sports

Today, when society is growing, the role of sports is increasingly enhanced. For developed countries, exercise is practiced daily scientifically and becomes an essential part of life.

Health plays an extremely important role for us. So what is health? What is a person with health? Currently there are many different concepts and understandings. There is an emphasis on muscularity, with an emphasis on the activities of internal organs There is an opinion that: “Eating well, sleeping well, big body is healthy”. But in fact, there are people who are big, big and fat, who are sick. Some people eat well, sleep well, grow taller and not work for long, tired .Human health and exercise Sports

.. According to Nobo-vi-co (physiologist Russians), people with health are: “People with normal biological status, ensuring the body can conduct different labor, study and social activities under certain conditions”. In other words, the World Health Organization (WHO) has come up with a complete definition: “Health is a comfortable state, full of physical, mental and social strength. not just fit in means that there is no disease or injury. Thus a healthy person must have the following conditions:

Human health and exercise Sports

The body grows healthy, ie functional systems such as the nervous system, circulatory, respiratory, motor … are healthy, have no disease and function normally.
The body grows balanced and rhythmic according to each age. Normal physiological indicators such as height, weight, chest measurements, limb muscles must be at least the average of Vietnamese.
Must have a comprehensive physical strength, develop evenly, balance the quality of the body. We all know that in every human being there are qualities such as strength, strength, endurance, flexibility

and ability to coordinate movement. But due to living conditions, due to the development of different people, the qualities on development are not the same. Some people have power, but their strength is not; Some people have speed but no strength … So want to give these qualities to develop evenly in each person, they must train. Here a healthy person, one wants to mention this balanced and comprehensive development.

Nervous activities are normal, always inspired by excitement in working and learning life.
The human body is a unified block, a very sophisticated organization, operating under a certain biological law. Human life can exist and work for a relatively long time, maybe up to 100 years. But only a small part of humanity survives with this time. Most people lose their labor or die at a younger age. Science has shown that people weaken and die are not caused by causes (Disease; Accident; Natural development process of the body).

Excluding the cause of war and natural disasters (storms, floods, earthquakes …), let us see why people are not able to live more than 100 years. This issue needs to be considered on both sides of the organism and society. In terms of biology, people have the ability to live 120-150 years old, but people who die prematurely do not achieve the above mentioned ability because people live in a bad

 society, lack of food, lack of clothing, lack of ants. and necessary means to protect health and prevent diseases. In the old bronze age, the average life expectancy of people was only 16-18 years old. By the 16th century in Europe, the average life expectancy was 20 years. In the 18th century was 26 years old and by 1900 was 32 years old. By 2000, the average life expectancy of many countries has surpassed 75. The average life expectancy of people has increased markedly when living, working and resting conditions have improved.

Nowadays, due to the strong development of science and technology, people have prevented many causes of accidents and focused on researching against diseases, repelling aging and increasing activities for the body. Contributing to these methods of practicing sports has a very important role. It has a great influence on physical strengthening, increasing resistance to the environment, disease and

contributing to the aging process of the body. In 1978 a 150-nation world conference met at Alma-Ata (the former Soviet Union) under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) discussed the increase. strengthening health care for people of different countries. The conference adopted an important manifesto – the Alma-Ata Declaration with the great direction of the era in the field of health protection is:Want to build economy, boost production, push back poverty, build happiness for people, an important factor is health, meaning people.

+ Health is a basic human right, reaching the highest health condition is an important goal that requires the participation of many social and economic sectors. One of the important social goals of governments and the world community is to give people a health condition that allows them to live a productive and socially productive life.

In our country since our country first gained independence, Uncle Ho has called for the whole people to exercise. In which, he teaches: “Each of the people is weak, that is to make the whole country weak. . Every healthy person means contributing to the whole country to be healthy .

.. ”. In order to build new people, develop comprehensively, clever combination between spiritual abundance, moral well-being and physical perfection. It is a great source of happiness for every human being and at the same time has a strategic meaning for a whole nation. He once said “I practice every day.” Man himself, there are times when he is weak, but he still tries to teach himself to exercise, practice some gentle exercises, or walk, practice climbing …

As the great Vietnamese physician of the 18th century – Hai Thuong Lan, Mr. Le Huu Trac wrote: “Physical and mental conditions are always good, but to enjoy all life expectancy, beyond the age of 100, can die.” His thought shows how to consider human health in an organic relationship between physical and mental. The body is healthy and strong. Both physically and mentally healthy, the life expectancy of people will be long.

Medicine today also affirms human health must be the health of both physical and mental. Only when the human body is healthy, the soul is at ease will the person be healthy then. Good body, good spirit has mutual influence and dialectical unity with each other.Health is not only not sick, but also a relaxed state of mind, body, society,

Health is a blood circulation, full spirit. The circulation of blood helps the body to be healthy, without disease, without sickness; A spirit of fullness will help people be active, enthusiastic, willed, and have the energy to accomplish the job well.

Benefits and effects of exercise and sports for human health.

Good physical condition is a good condition for good health. Sports training can promote metabolism in organs and organizations in the body, thereby improving the function of organs and organs in the body. Physically manifested in many ways, it includes the level of basic operational capacity and physical qualities, the ability to adapt to external environmental circumstances … Here, we look from the perspective How does the influence of physical activity on the function of the body’s major organ systems to discuss TT exercise?

* For muscle system: Muscular system thrives from puberty until 25-30 years old. People who have muscle movement develop well, full body shape, good shape, good shape for good health. At this age, choosing a relaxed and lazy lifestyle, the muscles will shrink, the spirit will become weak and easily sick.

* For respiratory system: Respiration will carry oxygen to every cell, exercise will pull along the respiratory system, lung capacity increases, every cell is well ventilated, contributing to increase life expectancy. .

* For cardiovascular system: The heart of a person with a non-active lifestyle can pump about 70CC of blood each time, while the heart of a sports practitioner can pump from 100 – 130CC of blood. The proper movement of a few hours a day every week for 5-7 days can reduce the systolic blood pressure (upper number) by an average of 11mm Hg and decrease the diastolic pressure (lower number) on average 7mm Hg.

* For the excretory system: The intestinal tract, urinary tract and the system of sweat glands, thanks to the movement, increase the secretion to help the body remove excess residue from the body better, kidney less work so it should be early kidney failure so that the body is healthier.

* For the nervous system: Exercise and sports make the spirit of anti-stress, anti-fatigue, sadness, especially when playing chess and learning a foreign language in addition to increasing regular knowledge and strengthening memory, reduced forgetfulness and Alzheimer’s disease of old age.Thus, the above studies show us the role and importance of physical training and sports.

The exercise of sports has a very positive effect on disease prevention and treatment, regaining the positive and negative balance of the human body. If people do not exercise, do not practice, the ability to adapt poorly, life expectancy cannot last. Mobilization and training are to improve physical

fitness, improve physical strength, comfort, and physical training in combination with maintaining hygiene to be effective in preventing and improving children’s health. people. When the human body is healthy, it will overcome and repel the disease, resist the bacteria from entering the body; When the body is healthy, the spirit is full, people will adapt to changing weather conditions. Good body, good nerves, good spirits avoid all diseases.

In addition to strengthening the resistance and adaptive capacity of the human body, sport plays a major role in improving the overall health of people. Comprehensive health is the full development of physical qualities such as strength, strength, endurance and ingenuity.

These factors can only be achieved through regular exercise. When people have comprehensive health, they will improve their physical abilities. Physical capacity plays an important role in life, in labor, in work and in learning. Having good physical capacity or good health will help people overcome all difficulties and accomplish all jobs well.

In short, it is not difficult to have good health, but it is in each person’s choice. Practice sports now, you will feel that every day, choose a suitable sport for you. Any beginning is not late. Be active no matter what your age, the human body will feel better, our quality of life will continue to improve.

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