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Home Health and Sports Benefits of exercise for health

Health is gold ”- It is true that no one can deny it. With health, we can work freely, learn to play and of course will reap a lot of success in life.Home Health and Sports Benefits of exercise for health

You want a toned body, bouncing muscles or a graceful and glamorous physique with a slim waist. Exercise is the deciding factor that nothing can be replaced.Home Health and Sports Benefits of exercise for health

The fitness program 1 Exercise helps you to have a dream shape

How to have a good health? The answer is not difficult but how to do it is not everyone can do. The general principle is that you need to have a proper diet and scientific activity. And necessarily, daily exercise and sports is an indispensable factor.Home Health and Sports Benefits of exercise for health

You will see what the benefits of exercise for health mean if you’ve ever had a “friend” time with a certain sport. There are many forms of movement that you can apply to yourself, from simple to complex. Some common forms are: Jogging, cycling, aerobic exercise, yoga, swimming …

The type of exercise 2 Exercise is a method to help you stay healthy and prevent disease

Regular exercise helps you to have a healthy heart and a clear mind. When the body is exercised, the metabolism will be smooth and more flexible. Better blood circulation, help stabilize blood pressure …

Daily exercise helps us to limit bad cholesterol and avoid blood clots – the cause of diseases such as heart attack, stroke …

Dr. William Krause, a professor at Duke Medical University who once said: “Even if you practice less, moderation will be good for your heart every day.” Less practice than never practising and practising a little more is better than doing less. “

Exercise helps you reduce forgetfulness and help improve memory, especially for old age. For young people, enhancing creativity and thinking stimulation. Having this benefit is because when exercising, the brain is provided with enough oxygen, stimulating activity.

How to install the device 3

Fat loss is the same. You cannot rely on a diet without exercise. Losing weight does not work very hard and is very easy to gain weight again. Exercise makes your weight loss process faster and more sustainable.

If you want to gain weight, exercise is also indispensable. Exercise that stimulates your diet, is more palatable and sleeps better will indicate that you are about to gain weight.

In addition, exercise enhances immunity. The supple body helps you limit injuries ….

Old stories but not old – Benefits of fitness with beauty and health

There is no need for an expert to list a range of benefits of exercise: increased cardiovascular health, reduced stress, increased resistance …

But Dr. Frank Frisco, Chapman State of California has pointed out another impressive effect: pushing back the biological age, helping you to stay healthy longer. You will definitely be more excited about the gym when you know the 10 benefits of this exercise.

The exercise stimulates your brain and body, making you feel more alert and healthy just like you get extra energy. The day-to-day work is often easier than you are no longer exhausted.


Another benefit is improving the body’s blood circulation system. You are full of energy, sensitivity and desire. Mary Jane Min kin, a professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Yale University, said: “Exercise helps you to be confident in your body and thus become more attractive.”

Researchers at Master University (Ontario, Canada) conducted a small group of adults aged 20 to 84 years. The results showed that those who practice regularly despite being over 40 years old, the skin is still more elastic and smooth than the new 20 to 30 year old but not exercise. – Top aging agents. The research team assumes that training helps to change skin properties, however, specifically how to change it requires further research.
As you get older, your bone density decreases and your muscles lose, making your body look less vital. Physical activity helps create muscles, increasing the sense of confidence. Practice seriously and you will quickly confidently stride with the “standard” physique.Home Health and Sports Benefits of exercise for health
A workout like swimming or gym will motivate your body to produce endorphins – substances that are like natural opium to help you be more excited. Exercise helps inhibit cortisol hormones, born when you are worried, scared and have a negative effect on your blood pressure, your body’s immunity. In addition, exercises that activate other neurotransmitters make you feel as happy as dopamine Home Health and Sports Benefits of exercise for health
It is normal for memory to decline as you age. However, research shows that you can fight brain frog syndrome with exercise lessons.

In the British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2014, researchers said exercise increased the size of the hippo campus, the part of the brain that controlled memory. Many previous works also show that the benefits of exercise improve cognition. If you find yourself forgetful, try a “junk” run
Exercises not only make you feel younger, they are actually capable of preventing ageing in the body. This involves omelettes (specialized structures located at the ends of chromosomes) – DNA “armour” that protects DNA.Home Health and Sports Benefits of exercise for health

As you get older, the omelettes are shorter and consequently the DNA is damaged, unable to replicate and therefore no new cells are born. Recent studies show that another benefit of other exercise is to help the omelettes not shorten – thus preventing the ageing process.
Age not only makes your mind dull but also makes your body stiff and tired. Taking time to stretch your body with plates or yoga will help you keep your body soft and supple.
Natural metabolism will slow down as you get older and lead to overweight and obesity and many other diseases. Luckily, regular exercise will help you burn large calories, maintain a healthy weight.

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