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5 Tactics To Get Rid Of Snoring

Get to know the disturbance behind snoring and check out 5 ways to help silence the night noise
Snoring is often the audible symptom of an increasingly studied disorder: sleep apnea. Beyond the noise, it is marked by temporary interruptions in breathing during the dawn. But there is a doubt: after all, anyone who snores has apnea? No, but with age, coupled with sedentary lifestyle and weight gain, there is a high probability that the orchestra will be accompanied by the choking caused by the cut in the oxygen to get Get Rid Of Snoring

“In the state of São Paulo, it is estimated that 33% of people suffer from apnea,” says pulmonologist Geraldo Lorenzi Filho of the Heart Institute of São Paulo, Incor. And the problem affects both men and women. Time to know five tactics to get rid of this noise and prevent it from generating more serious problems, such as tumor, memory loss, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, arrhythmia and heart to get Get Rid Of Snoring

1. Physical activity
Running, walking, swimming … Malhar has a therapeutic effect against apnea. First because it eliminates excess weight, much associated with the problem. And second because it enhances the sleep pattern. “We did a study that showed improvements in daytime sleepiness, mood and quality of life among sedentary apneicos who exercised for two months,” says Carolina Ackel D’Elia, a biomedical scientist at the Federal University of São to get Get Rid Of Snoring

2. Posture and hygiene of sleep

Anyone who snores has heard the call coming from partner or partner to turn aside. And it is better to listen: this tactic can even soften the noise. “When we lie on our backs up, our tongue relaxes and disturbs our breath,” explains Dalva Poyares. “It’s also worth avoiding excessive alcohol before bed because it stimulates the throat narrowing,” he to get Get Rid Of Snoring

3. Intraoral device
At night, the tongue relaxes and can slide backwards, acting as a kind of barrier to the air we inspire and generating those noises. Made-to-measure acrylic resin devices placed inside the mouth at bedtime help to give a snugger in mild to moderate snoring. “These devices lead the jaw forward and prevent the tongue from moving, leaving the air free,” explains Ana Célia Faria, a bucomaxillofacial surgeon at the State University of to get Get Rid Of Snoring

4. The CPAP
The acronym for the equipment comes from English and means continuous positive airway pressure. The device ensures an uninterrupted flow of oxygen during sleep of the apneic, who sleeps connected to a mask. “CPAP is indicated for cases that are not resolved with changes in habit,” says otolaryngologist Mario Munhoz of the German Hospital Oswaldo Cruz in São Paulo. The device is considered the gold standard in the treatment of to get Get Rid Of Snoring

5. Surgery
In some situations, sleep apnea should be resolved via a scalpel. This happens when there is an anatomical defect, such as protruding tonsils, spongy flesh, too much retracted chin or abnormal throat narrowing. With the aid of some exams, it can be verified that situations are solved once in the operating table. “There are even more complex procedures aimed at increasing the space of the mouth, advancing the tongue or repositioning the jaw,” says to get Get Rid Of Snoring

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