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Narguile and electronic cigarette: fad among young people

fad among young people Narguile and electronic cigarette:
Most smokers get into the habit in their teens. Curiosity makes young people try novelties like narghile and electronic cigarette
Young people are more attuned and more vulnerable to fads and novelties. It is no different in relation to cigarette and its variables. Social pressure, the influence of friends, and overexposure to messages on social networks, movies, and television makes them curious to experience variations in tobacco such as hookah and electronic cigarette.fad among young people Narguile and electronic cigarette:

“Most smokers acquire smoking habit and nicotine addiction in adolescence, as the initial curiosity in cigarette experimentation is one of the determining factors in the prevalence of smoking in adult life,” explains the preceptor of the Medical Residency Program Psychiatry at the Hospital Universitário de Brasília (HUB), Maria Célia Vitor De Souza Brangioni.

“Of those who start smoking in adolescence, 50% die prematurely in middle age, losing about 20 to 25 years of life expectancy compared to nonsmokers. The risk is greater in those who start smoking regularly during adolescence, “says Maria Célia, noting that early cigarette smoking may lead to the use of other substances, such as alcohol and illicit drugs.fad among young people Narguile and electronic cigarette:
Narguilé and electronic cigarette
Modems such as hookah and electronic cigarette hide extra risks and are still the gateway to common cigarette addiction. “Tobacco has been presented under different forms of consumption. The hookah and the electronic cigarette are treated as less harmful but can impose similar or even worse damages than the conventional cigarette, “draws attention to a psychiatrist.fad among young people Narguile and electronic cigarette:

By using filtering mechanisms, the consumption of narghile is seen as less harmful to health. But, in fact, its use is more harmful than that of cigarettes. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a session lasts on average 20 to 80 minutes, which corresponds to exposure to all toxic components in the smoke of 100 cigarettes.fad among young people Narguile and electronic cigarette:

And the risks are the same as those associated with regular smoking, which include cardiovascular, respiratory and some cancers. Collective use further increases exposure to diseases such as herpes, hepatitis C and tuberculosis. With the electronic cigarette, the story is no different.
Same toxic cigarette substances
According to a technical note produced by the National Cancer Institute José Alencar Gomes da Silva (INCA), nicotine in narghile products is responsible for its potential for dependence. In addition to nicotine, the same 4,700 toxic substances from conventional cigarettes are present in the narghile, but analyzes have shown that smoke contains higher amounts of items such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, and heavy metals.fad among young people Narguile and electronic cigarette:

The electronic cigarette is a device that produces inhalable vapor. Studies show that teens are more likely than adults to use electronic cigarettes and may be twice as likely to advance to conventional cigarettes than those who have never used such devices. They may also be at increased risk of accidental overdoses of ingesting nicotine fluids for e-cigarette cartridges.fad among young people Narguile and electronic cigarette:
In the face of all risks and awareness efforts, the number of smokers has declined in Brazil. According to data from VIGITEL / 2016, the total percentage of smokers aged 18 years or more in Brazil is 10.2%, with 12.7% among men and 8.0% among women. “The number of smokers in the country has decreased in the last 25 years and the reduction puts Brazil among the champions of falls in the volume of people who consume tobacco,” says Maria Célia.fad among young people Narguile and electronic cigarette:

A survey of 75,000 adolescents from 1,251 public and private schools, conducted by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and the Ministry of Health in 2016, suggests that 18.5% of Brazilian adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 have already tried cigarettes . Of the young, 6% are smokers, that is, they have left the experimentation stage. Although the study indicates a high rate of contact with cigarettes, the tendency is to decrease this percentage when comparing the data with other previous studies.
It’s bad for your health
Smoking is recognized by WHO as a chronic, epidemic disease, being the single largest preventable cause of illness and early death in the world. It is part of the group of mental and behavioral disorders resulting from the use of psychoactive substances in the Tenth Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10).

It is an important risk factor isolated for about 50 diseases, many of them serious and fatal, such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. More than 5 million deaths are caused by smoking in the world, per year; 200 thousand deaths in Brazil per year. Besides the harmful health effects of smokers, smoking also affects non-smokers who live with smokers indoors, the so-called passive smokers.

“Preventing the onset of cigarette use and offering treatment to smokers, as well as protecting people from second-hand smoke, are necessary actions to combat this serious and complex pathology,” adds Maria Célia.fad among young people Narguile and electronic cigarette:

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